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lost_aesthete's Journal

25 June 1979
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I live in london, I teach fuckers to be less insane. I studied philosophy for much of my life, I love writing and thinking. I enjoy wandering through post apocalyptic wastelands, long nuclear winters and radiation burn while picnicking on red algal beaches. I enjoy eating new people and talking about life, the universe and everything.
50's, 80's, actor network theory, agnosticism, albert borgmann, alternative fashion, anarchism, anaxagoras, anaximander, ancient art & sculpture, ancient epic poetry, ancient history, ancient philosophy, ancient technology, ancient warfare, andrew feenberg, aristotle, art, asceticism, asphyxiation, atari teenage riot, atheism, bauhaus, black books, bondage, brotherhood of pagans, bruno latour, carl schmidt, children on stun, christian death, christopher walken, clan of xymox, communism, confusion, crowley, cruxshadows, cyberpunk, dark future, das ich, death in june, death ride 69, descartes, dissillusionment, epicurus, epistemology, eve of destiny, eve the new church, family guy, fanzines, fencing, fetish, firefly, funkervoght, fyodor dostoevsky, god, golden dawn, goth, goth fashion, greek tragedy, harajuku, heidegger, historiography, hococio, hoplite, horatti, hr giger, hubbert, ideology, invader zim, japan, japanese, john stuart mill, johnny the homicidal maniac, joy division, killing miranda, lenin, liberalism, lucretius, ludwig von mises, marxism, medieval history, medieval warfare, melbourne bands, military history, moral relativism, mumford, neal stephenson, new order, nietzsche, non humans, nuclear war, nuclear winter, objectivity, occult, oto, peak oil, pericles funeral oration, philosophy, philosophy of technology, plato, plotinus, poetry, political philosophy, post apocalyptic wastelands, post apocalytic, praxis, prophecy, punk, pythagoras, reading, red dwarf, red lorry yellow lorry, religion, rennaisance history, revolution, rousseau, shakespeare, shibuya, shinjuku, skeletal family, smiths, social construction, social studies of technology, socialism, socrates, subjectivity, subversion, tattoos, technological determinism, technology & culture, thales, the cranes, the cure, the damned, themistocles, thucydidies, tim burton, tokyo, two witches, whips, will to power, william gibson, world war i, world war ii, writing, x-mal deutschland, zeitgeist, zombies